Display PDF documents with Adobe Reader

To display images (PDF) in Adobe Reader instead of displaying them within the Internet browser, you need to check the following program/browser settings:

Adobe Reader:

  1. When the Adobe Reader is open, click Accessibility under the Edit menu and select Setup Assistant ...
  2. Clicking the Next button until the last screen (5 of 5)
  3. Make sure the "Display PDF documents in the web browser" option box is unchecked
  4. Click the Done button. Now, you should be able to use Adobe Reader to open an images/PDF document link with Internet Explorer.
  5. Note: if both Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat Pro are installed in your computer, you may see that "Display PDF documents in the web browser" option is greyed out in the Adobe Reader. If this is the case, please open Adobe Acrobat and go to Edit --> Preferences -->Internet to edit the setting there.

Internet Explorer:

  1. Click Manage add-ons under the Tools menu
  2. Click and select "All add-ons" option under the Show dropdown list
  3. Find the Adobe PDF Reader and disable it
  4. Click Close.


  1. Click Options under the Tools menu
  2. Click on the Applications icon
  3. Scrolling down to find "Portable Document Format (PDF)" for the content type
  4. Change the “Preview in Firefox” or "Save File" to “Use Adobe Reader ...” from the Action dropdown list
  5. Click OK or simplely exit. The setting will be saved. 


  1. Type “Chrome://plugins”on the address bar
  2. Find and disable both “Chrome PDF Viewer” and “Adobe Reader” by clicking on the Disable links
  3. Close and reopen Chrome
  4. Now when you click on an image (PDF document) link, the PDF will be downloaded and shown at the bottom of the browser
  5. Click on the PDF document, the PDF will be opened with Adobe Reader.
* Adobe Reader is no longer supported by newer versions of the Chrome browser.